Forum Title: Glue turns into bread dough while spreading
This is why I don't do commercial work. Working evenings to carpet an architects office. Did tear out in the lobby starting Friday night, and into last weekend. There was 3/4 particle board under the carpet, so we tore out and replaced 5 sheets with AC plywood. The surface of the particle board was to flaky for my comfort level. It was 15 years old and who knows how many times it had been cleaned. After fitting and screwing down the new plywood and giving it a thorough vacuuming, I gave it a skim coat of Webcrete 98. When I do a skim coat over plywood or do a second skim coat of leveling compound I always prime the floor with acrylic admix before I start mixing the leveler. The floor is ever so slightly damp by the time I am ready to spread. I find the leveling compound spreads much better this way. I went back to the job last night to install the first sheet of carpet. Once I got the carpet positioned on my lineup marks, I folded it back to glue part of one side. I dumped out a pool of adhesive and started to trowel it. I made one 4 foot pass forward with the trowel and on my return pass, the teeth of the trowel got about 75% plugged up ...........looked looked it had a 1/4 roll of bread dough on the top side of the notches. I scraped the adhesive from the trowel teeth and thought maybe I'd need to back-trowel the adhesive, then apply it........... I back troweled a 3 by 4 section, then tried once again to spread the adhesive with the notched side ....more bread dough. I used a brand new trowel as specified for the adhesive. 1/8 X 1/8 X 1/16 V-notch The adhesive is Powerhold 4000 carpet adhesive. Fresh bucket of adhesive. I had just used the same brand adhesive on a small guest room attached to a garage a week ago and it worked fine. .... only this was on concrete and much cooler than this office. My guess is that I'm going to have to roll up the carpet to get it out of the way, then roll on a good coat of Durabond DL16 acrylic admix to seal up the Webcrete skim coat. ............... then let it dry for a couple of hours before I return to reposition the carpet and glue it down. Any advice on this one? I have seen Armstrong linoleum paste turn to bread dough, but it surprised me seeing a carpet adhesive do this.
Category: Carpet Post By: ALICIA MCCOY (Pasadena, TX), 01/13/2019

Abput 10 years or so ago we had a rash of bread dough adhesiive but it came out of the bucket that way. And it always seemed to happen when I was out my comfort area out of town. It ended up then it was a leak in the lid system of the buckets from the factory. Also have had it turn to dough like you did. It was from real fine dust on the floor even though we had swept real good. Daris

- CLIFFORD BURTON (Kenner, LA), 03/10/2019

When life gives ya bread dough, bake bread...... That usually happens if the floor is dusty. Don't know what yer problem is.......

- SARAH GONZALEZ (Laredo, TX), 05/02/2019

cproader said: ? When life gives ya bread dough, bake bread...... That usually happens if the floor is dusty. Don't know what yer problem is.......Click to expand... How much dust is left on the floor after I sucked it spotless with my SEARS 6.5 HP shop vac? I always vacuum floors .....even when stretching carpet in. I have a hard time believing that a thin skim coat could suck all the moisture out of the adhesive so quickly, but that's what it felt like. It seemed almost like an instantaneous chemical reaction had taken place.

- FREDDIE REESE (Citrus Heights, CA), 05/16/2019

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