Which Type of Carpet is the Easiest to Keep Clean?

Search and locate emergency contractors - Tips - Service Advice - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - Some carpets are stain resistant due to a very high density of fibers that repel dirt and stains. Whether your carpet is stain resistant or not, one way to keep it clean is to thoroughly remove stains immediately. Purchasing a good quality of carpeting is a good start in ensuring that you will be able to maintain it easily. Others are treated with special chemicals that repel stains. Any carpet that you buy should be dense enough that the backing can?t be easily seen when bending the fibers back. ..More

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The Benefits Of Green Carpet Cleaning

Find commercial contractors - Popular Forum Pages - You never know what nasty chemicals are added to regular cleaners, and when they are used on your carpets, you end up walking in them and inhaling them while they dry. Most cleaning companies that use older cleaning agents will be frank about this, and they?ll tell you to avoid your carpet at all costs while it is drying. . When a cleaning company uses a green carpet cleaner, it?s much safer for you, your children and your pets ..More

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3 Important Reasons to Seek Professional Carpet Repair Service

Service Expert master contractors - Home Service Blogs - Carpets are investments that should last you several years, and failing to seek the highest-quality cleaning service available could leave you with poor health and a decimated bank account. Seeking a professional solution for carpet cleaning is the only way to identify problems that could end up saving you tons of money in the long run. Here are three of the most important reasons to seek the best possible carpet service repair and keep your floors healthy and clean:. . You may think that you?re doing a great job in carpet upkeep, but the sad truth is you?re probably only making things worse ..More

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The Importance of Cleaning Carpets

Search and locate commercial contractors - Home services Support Blogs - This is especially true in areas that consistently have a high humidity rate, because it gets trapped, holding mold. With all this in mind, it?s difficult to argue against calling a carpet cleaning company. That mold can lead to several health risks if left to fester under the carpet. Several pounds of soil can also accumulate in or underneath your carpets every year. . Carpets hold several types of air pollutants according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Sometimes, carpet cleaning products on their own are not enough, and professional carpet cleaning services are needed ..More

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5 Great Tips and Tricks For Preventing and Removing Stains

Top 10 Best residential contractors - Forums - Faq's - Answers - Always remember to blot stains by pressing firmly with the absorbent cloth, but do not rub the stain. Alternate back and forth between wetting the stain with the wet cloth and using the absorbent cloth to absorb the stain as it loosens. To remove ring stains from coffee cups on counters and other surfaces, rub moistened salt over the stain. To remove built up residue in your coffee carafe or travel mugs, pour in a cup of vinegar and let it soak. For coffee stains in carpet, pour a little beer over it, rub gently and the stain should disappear. To remove coffee stains from fabric, hold a wet cloth sprinkled with a few drops of white vinegar against the stain and then hold a dry absorbent cloth against the stain. It will leave your carafe and even stainless steel coffee mugs as shiny and sparkly as the day you purchased them. ..More

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