5 Great Tips and Tricks For Preventing and Removing Stains

Local technicians - Talk To Contractors - Blog - If you have lemon juice but no cream of tartar, you can also mix the lemon juice with a tablespoon of detergent. Alcohol based hair spray and shampoo will also help loosen stubborn ink stains as well as a mixture of 2 parts liquid dish soap to one part rubbing alcohol. . If the item is washable, you can also use the mixture to pretreat the stain and then just wash as usual. For removing ink stains from surfaces like countertops, rubbing alcohol works best. To remove ink stains from fabric, mix one tablespoon cream of tartar with a tablespoon lemon juice and a little bit of water. Acetone or fingernail polish remover also work well, but be careful to color test them to be sure they don't remove more than just the ink. Pour onto the stain and let it sit before blotting up the ink ..More

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Keeping a Home Safe With Carpet and Rug Cleaners

21 Best industrial contractors - Technician Blog Service - When these particles are inhaled, they can, over time, lead to respiratory issues such as asthma. As much as 2,000 dust mites can live comfortably on a single ounce of carpet dust. Unfortunately, dust and the mites who thrive on it, are only one of several sources of indoor air pollutants according the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Children are even more prone to these problems considering that their bodies are still developing. . However, they do not simply remain embedded into a carpet, but can actually flow into the air. While most people may relate pollution to the release of green house gases or harmful substances being littered, many may overlook the risks that indoor pollutants can have. The rough woven fabric of rugs can easily collect dust particles until they amass to substantial amounts. How clean is your rug?. Even in substantial numbers, they can go completely unnoticed. Professional carpet and rug cleaners and their carpet cleaning solutions may be the best defense against these harmful particles. One element that arises from the presence of dust, and will actually exacerbate the problem, is dust mites. Surprisingly, carpets can accumulate harmful substances. As these bugs feed on shed skin cells and other debris, they end up stirring the dust into the air, increasing the likelihood of inhalation. Unfortunately, these tenacious little bugs are extremely hard to eliminate without the help of skilled carpet and rug cleaners who can perform the latest techniques to clean carpets. However, carpet and rug cleaners have a variety of methods in their repertoire of carpet cleaning services for musty dirty floors, which can in turn also extend the life of your carpet. It's important to prevent the collection of dust early before asthma and other respiratory problems can manifest. In fact, each year, the typical household carpet can accumulate as much as several pounds of soil in and underneath the rug. These tiny insects are essentially invisible to the naked eye ..More

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The Importance of Cleaning Carpets

Find best 10 contractors - Talk To Contractors - Forum - If you own your own home or apartment, you probably get frustrated by cleaning. Your carpets hold tons of germs and pollutants that you may not be able to see. Read on for some reasons you should get your carpets cleaned now. . It can get annoying very quickly, but the main thing that?s dirty may surprise you. Sometimes it seems like every time you turn around there?s something else that?s dirty, or broken, or moved ..More

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3 Important Reasons to Seek Professional Carpet Repair Service

List Of industrial contractors - Service Call Blogs - You may think that you?re doing a great job in carpet upkeep, but the sad truth is you?re probably only making things worse. Here are three of the most important reasons to seek the best possible carpet service repair and keep your floors healthy and clean:. . Seeking a professional solution for carpet cleaning is the only way to identify problems that could end up saving you tons of money in the long run. Carpets are investments that should last you several years, and failing to seek the highest-quality cleaning service available could leave you with poor health and a decimated bank account ..More

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How Carpet Repair Services Can Keep Your Family Safe

Find industrial contractors - Service Professional Blog Pages - These are extremely dangerous because they are the most common cause of allergies from inside of a home, and are also a prevalent cause of asthma in children. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), carpets that are not properly maintained either personally or through carpet repair services are capable of holding several sources of indoor air pollutants. In these cases, using carpet repair services can be the only way to return your rugs to a safe condition. Considering that 2,000 dust mites can comfortably live on one ounce of carpet dust, their numbers can skyrocket in a short span of time. In warm and moist areas they can radically multiply. Dust mites are extremely small organisms that feed on organic detritus such as flakes of shed human skin. However, one constant health risk are the rugs that lay throughout most people?s entire homes. Homes and areas that experience higher than average humidity have to keep a closer eye on their carpets. When worried over harmful pollutants or compounds that might exist within a home, many people may question the effect of airborne particles from furnaces and air conditioners, from hazardous paints, etc. Besides just mold, humid areas also run the risk of developing dust mites without regular carpet cleaning solutions. . Not only can this fungus compromise the structural integrity of the flooring below it, but can also cause several different health problems including allergies and compromised immune systems. In fact, vigorous cleaning can actually spread them around and push them into the air. This can range from collecting dust to the growing of organic compounds. Without regular servicing from a carpet repair service, these locations can grow hazardous mold. Making a point to find professional carpet cleaners for hire could ensure that your family is kept safe. Unfortunately, dust mites often can?t be eliminated through normal cleaning procedures ..More

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